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what’s up guys Ali here back with another video. so, what is happening with fortnite android? everyone is confused since epic are yet to speak about the release date officially; however, I have gathered all the accurate leaks about the game which will give us clear indication on when to expect the game for our devices.

first things first, let’s speak about what is happening with Samsung and fortnite . Epic and samsung seem to have made a deal about the release of Fortnite on their upcoming devices. According to 9to5google “a very trusted source” epic and Samsung have agreed on a deal that gives the rights of exclusivity of Fortnite to Samsung for 30 days. Samsung has planned to use these 30 days to promote their new devices the note 9 and galaxy tab s4. this means, that Fortnite will be coming first on these two devices through the Samsung apps store not the Google play store. Samsung has hit two birds with one stone which is promoting for their new devices and their apps store.

but wait, we all thought Samsung would stop there, but they didn’t. According to 9to5google and xda developers, Samsung has approached epic games again for another deal. it is said that Samsung and epic have agreed on another deal that give further exclusivity of Fortnite to Samsung. This means after the 30 days exclusivity is over, Samsung will retain another exclusivity deal of 4 months. The company is planning to use these 4 months to release Fortnite on the other high end Samsung devices as a way of advertising. This means that the game will be released again for Samsung devices with 4 months exclusivity.
to sum it all up, Samsung has bought 5 months of Fortnite exclusivity, meaning 1 months for the note 9 and tab s4 ,and 4 months for their other devices.

but what does that mean for other android users? well, sadly this means that non Samsung users will be getting the game very late. The expected release date for non Samsung devices is said to be around December to January time. the timeline of the fortnite android release date goes like this:

Augest for note 9 and tab s4. September For other Samsung devices. December for other android phones.

Some people are asking if we can use the Samsung Fortnite APK on other android phones? the answer is it is highly unlikely. see, Samsung is very good when it comes to security which means they will encrypt the APK to be only exclusive to their devices. I suggest we wait and see what happens when the game releases, this way some hackers and developers could get their hand on it to break the Samsung encryption.

that is it from me today guys, I hope this video was useful and gave you all the information you need. This was Ali from techaddiction, like if you liked it subscribe if you loved it and see you again soon.





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