What code should I learn to make games?

Have you been watching the talks about kids making a cheap game, listing it on iTunes and making a million dollars?

Making something like Bejeweled doesn’t seem hard, and there are people making a lot of money in it.

Not always a lot of money, but you can make money in it. People spent about twenty billion dollars on video games each of the past few years, while top games like “Call of Duty” and “Mario Brothers” make more money that blockbuster movies.

I heard that programmers in the gaming industry can make decent money.

Now you’re talking about a career. Because of the novelty factor, companies keep churning out games.

That makes it steady employment.

For the industry, yes, for companies, no. Realistic immersion games and kid games compete for the top spots, while addictive Flash games are an economic flash in the pan.

So what do I need to learn?

C#, C++ and Java are the best ones that have simple games you can make yourself via tutorials.

I guess I need an A in the C languages to get somewhere. But I heard I need to learn DirectX.

DirectX is a collection of programming interfaces for multimedia in gaming like linking user actions to special effects, audio, character 3D models and the game’s environment.

I saw a talk by a kid who invented Bustin Jeiber without knowing how to code.

He used the iPhone software development kit. They tried to make it easier to create apps without knowing Python, Java and C.

I think I’d like to put something in the Appstore.

You’ll need to learn Objective-C for the iPhone and Java if you want to work on Android.

So that’s why I heard someone promoting an app saying they have to find someone to put it on the other device.

But C is one of the best languages to learn; it is used almost everywhere while it teaches you how to program both apps and hardware.

It’s hard to learn.

Learn the discipline with the first language, and you’ll waste less time debugging and recompiling code later. And you can use it whether you create games, OS or the Appstore.