Top Apps for Apple TV - Must Have

What is going on guys Apple Fox here and with Apple TV fourth generation we got the ability to download third party apps into our Apple TVs and with this new remote control with touch surface and siri you can control your Apple TV really well and because there’s gyroscope and accelerometer implemented you can use the remote control to play many games just by moving the remote. But to get the most out of it. I will be showing you top 5 apps to download to your Apple TV.
Ok so let’s move on to the actual TV where I am not going to show you apps like YouTube, Netflix or apps like MLB or NFL because these apps are basically the reason why you bought the Apple TV, but instead I’ll be showing you apps that enhance the functionality and make your Apple TV more useful.
Ok so the top apps are not in any kind of special order but it’s just top 5 apps, not saying which one is the number one.
So the first app you need to donwload to your Apple TV is an app called myTuner Radio Which is basically an app to stream any radio from any country worldwide right to your Apple TV. Here you can search for really any country so I’ll go to United States. Now you can either search for some station or you can browse catogeries and choose the one you like.
The next app is called Yahoo Sport. This app is obviously about sport and results, you can of course download apps like NBA or NHL that are similar but the NBA app for example gives you information only about NBA and here you basically have everything together. When you open up the app for the first time you can choose your favorite teams to get information about them. In my opinion this is one of the best app to get coverage of your favorite sports event.
So another app on my list of top 5 five apps is a weather app called accuweather. This is very needed app for Apple TV, of course it’s a regular weather app but it’s really good optimized for Apple TV and there’s an option to search for any place to get weather or you can allow the app to see your actual position and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can also browse the map with ability to zoom in and out and many other things.
Next app is Kitchen stories.This is another must have app if you like cooking and preparing dishes. It is very useful and here you can find many different kinds of video recipes for pretty much anything including many videos for begginers, so definitely a great app to check out.
And the final app on my list is actually a game called Breackneck, and this game is one of the best games i could find on the app store with great graphics and it runs really smoothly without any kind of lags or bugs. The point of this game is to get as far as you can without hitting any obstacles. It’s really fun to play this game using the new Apple TV remote because all I have to do is just to rotate the remote to drive this rocket or I don’t know what it is. But it is really nice game to play sometimes.
Ok so we’re getting to the end of this video ,where I wanted to show you top 5 must have apps for your Apple TV, I tried to pick the apps to be all different and to enhance your life from each side. I really hope you like it and if you do, then hit the like button to let me know. You can take a look at my other videos as well and If you’re interested in Apple, then definitely click the subscribe button. Have a great day and see you next time. Peace.





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