Apps: We all use them, from iPhones to Android. But in this video we take a look at 10 Banned iPhone Apps from Sexy Bikini Fart to Wikileaks!
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Well that’s it the Top 10 Banned Apple iPhone 6s 7 apps you won’t believe actually exist from buzzfeed, which apple android app on this list do you wish wasn’t banned and what is your favourite app at moment? I am pretty addicted to the calculator app at the moment! Give the video a like if you enjoyed it, share it with your friends to see what they thought of the video and make sure you subscribe to eatmyclick for even more videos just like this one uploaded every single day. Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video! Brand new. 2016 iphone. Iphone 7, iphone 7s, ipad, apple.