Found out you can record android apps using google play games app, apparently it’s been around since 2015. So to test it out I recorded myself playing Potion Explosion a phone game based on the board game. I was also testing a different way to record the sound as the default way is using the phone microphone which isn’t the best way in my opinion.

So a few extra notes from this experiment:
– The file from the phone recording was 24 minutes and 35 seconds long, the file was 452 mb large, and the resolution was 720×1280.
– Video quality looks okay.
– My way of recording the audio seemed to work with no problems at all, and sounds better than what the phone mic picked up.
– Need to be careful with notifications popping up, but it’s easy to just censor it I guess.
– Couldn’t find the video going through the phone files on my computer, had to upload to google photos and then re-download on my pc. Not the best way but it’ll do. If you know a better way let me know.

Potion Explosion app:
Both ios and android links can be found on that website.

Potion Explosion Board Game:
Amazon and other store links can be found on that page, as well as reviews and photos of the game.





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