1. Make sure you have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac. Downlaod and install iTunes from here https://ipsw.me/#!/platform
2. Make sure you are connected to the internet while Cydia Impactor is running.
3. Download Cydia Impactor for your Windows PC or Mac. http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/
4. Download the pre-patched Apple TV Kodi IPA file from IPHONERUUU. https://archive.org/download/kodi-201...
5. Connect your Apple TV 4 to your computer.
6. Launch Cydia Impactor.
7. Drag and drop the Kodi IPA file from IPHONERUUU to Cydia Impactor. Make sure to drag and drop it into the top field of Cydia Impactor.
8. Cydia Impactor will now ask you for your Apple ID account login. If you feel uncomfortable using your Apple account information, simply create a new secondary account and use this instead of your main account. https://appleid.apple.com/account#!&p... Type in your Apple ID login.
9. Cydia Impactor will now ask for your Apple ID account password, go ahead and type in your Apple ID password.
10. Cydia Impactor will now take a few minutes preparing the Kodi IPA file. It will then load Kodi onto your Apple TV 4, you will see the Kodi icon appear on your Apple TV 4 when it's ready.
11. Go have fun 🙂

Thank you to IPHONERUUU for his tutorial. Go visit his YouTube channel for some excellent how to guides https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCITl...

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