Samsung rolls out yet another android oreo beta for galaxy s8 and galaxy s8 plus | Tech News

In early November Samsung launched their public beta program for the Android Oreo update on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. In the close to two months that have elapsed since then, several updates have been released as Samsung works to squash as many bugs as possible before an official update for the devices. Sources participating in the beta program are reporting Samsung has started pushing out another beta update, making it the fifth version. According to the notes included with the latest version of the Android Oreo beta, Samsung has titled this one the “2nd Beta Software Update” even though it is the fifth iteration. The software version for this update is listed as ZQLE. The list of bug fixes includes items like Home screen does not fit screen properly Phone restarting while using the camera YouTube app crashes phone causing it to restart Device restarted after calling on recent calls Those join a long list of other annoyances like apps hanging or unusual information being displayed. Given the basic nature of some of the items, it is unclear whether Samsung may be close to a final version or not. The company is trying to get the update out as soon as possible in 2018 for their 2017 flagship devices. Although Samsung is not grossly late with the update yet, they are on the verge of falling behind several competitors in the flagship tier of the market when it comes to getting the latest Android Oreo update out to their devices. That situation could get even worse depending on how long it takes carriers to certify the update for devices sold to their customers. source SamMobile





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