Traveling had our video delayed, but the news are in. Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about how Oppo and Xiaomi want to compete against Apple’s Touch ID and bring it to Android with the help of Qualcomm. Then we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the possible specifications of the processor. The iPhone X follows as we learn about the winter freezing of the device and the fix that’s coming. We end today’s show with Verizon’s deals for the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

All this and more after the break.

– OPPO and Xiaomi may be able to challenge Face ID with 3D sensing Androids next year
– Verizon’s Pixel 2 and 2 XL can be yours at up to 50 percent off with select trade-ins
– Winter is coming, and so is a software update for iPhone X responsiveness bug at low temperatures
– Samsung randomly confirms Exynos 9810 name and main specs, Galaxy S9 debut seems likely
– OPPO and Xiaomi may be able to challenge Face ID with 3D sensing Androids next year

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  1. I work in a cleanroom, fingerprint isn't always possible due to gloves and face is usually covered with mask etc… Iris scanning is where it is at. I don't even have to remove my sunglasses for it to work.

  2. Without a doubt, technology is headed to a point where we do not have to consciously unlock our phone at all. It will simply know whether it is us or someone else. Face ID is the closest I believe we have come to this thus far. The more tech companies are developing in this space and the more the neural networks start to develop and provide even better security, the more this technology will make our lives better and render older methods like fingerprint scanning and iris scanning unnecessary. One can hope that in the future, combinations of technical know how e.g. advanced facial recognition paired with algorithms that can identify a person by minuscule movements of the gyro while they walk, would be used together to identify a person and make the phone available.

  3. I feel like People are too concerned with this device locks in general. Because you can brick your device or lock it from another, Face ID seemed an unnecessary and unappealing feature. I think one method should not be the sole option and each has their respective benefits. I also feel like the Face ID conversation is a distraction from the utilisation of it as a whole and the conversation is mainly "how effective is it?". Then it leads to a ridiculous circumstance where it is compromised. I personally prefer Touch ID for my mobile devices and don't run into issues where my device is accessible for being compromised, and even then I would cloud wipe it. So the conversation seems arbitrary at best.

  4. why don't apple gives it's users an option of touch id as well, it's a 1000$ phone, no fast charger included either, again a 1000$ phone, Apple is no longer is just a company, it's a religion, and nobody defies or denies a religion

  5. You like Samsung face unlock and iris scanning even though it can be fooled by a 2d image. You want iPhones to have new designs but want the same old Touch ID. We see android makers rushing to compete with Face ID. You don’t want the iPhone to be unique. You seem to want to to be just like all of the other carbon copy android phones. The fanboy is strong with you

  6. I'm up for whichever is going to keep my information safer. And honestly, the less you have to touch your phone the better. Seems like that's what we are going for with voice assistants. I'm all in on the more protection face recognition brings along with the beginning of a new phase in phones.

  7. I'm not sure why people were thinking it would take a long time to copy faceID… The same tech had been available for years with xBox. That being said, front facing fingerprint scanners are still the best way. The iris scanner on my s8+ is fast and accurate…… If you hold the phone perfectly and awkwardly


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