Playable Demo:

A set of game asset / sprite / graphic / art, contains 8 ground tiles, used for creating platformer games. Plus some additional items (trampoline, coins, door, etc).

Suitable for 2D video games with futuristic, robotic, space, or factory themes.

Full vector, so you can scale it at any size, without losing its quality.

File included: CorelDraw CDR, Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, and JPG

Update 7 May 2013

Now it’s optimized for Tiled Map Editor with 64×64 px tiles.

Update 27 July 2013

128×128 px separate PNG tiles added (non-tile object’s size also adjusted). Big enough for HD games, and should be easier to resize them to lower resolutions.

Compatible Sprites:

Soldier Army Sprite

Elite Soldier Sprite

Spec Ops Sprite

Mercenary Sprite

Robot Adventure Sprites

Mech Sprites

Compatible Tileset:

Headquarter Tileset

Construction Site Tileset

Desert Tileset

Factory Tileset

Compatible GUI:

Industrial GUI

Metro City GUI

Futuristic GUI

Mecha Robot GUI