Phone 7 Plus Mockup is Photoshop template of your favorite phone who wants to better promote work for this mobile platform!

New phone comes in five colors, including a new jet black color. We made phone color change in all the 6 mockups!

Also, all layers in mockups are separated so you can move, rotate, reduce or modify layers.

This will allow creative designers more freedom and creativity and the results will certainly be much better than in the case of ordinary photos.

Designers and developers can use this mockup to promote their apps, responsive web sites… Parts of this mockup can be used as a web or graphic elements in the preparation of print materials (billboards, flyers, business cards…).

Mockup 01 contains the male and female holding phone hand and display touch hand. You can change the left or right hand. You can change background, phone color, reflection on phone display, move and rotate hand, reduce size hand and phone on image…

Mockup 02 contains the guy that shows iPhone. The head, body you can turn off, so just keep a hand that shows, present app.

Mockup 03 is intended for the presentation of games for mobile phones, and can be used for the presentation of responsive web pages. The phone is in the horizontal position, and you can turn off the left or right hand, and from Mockup 01 use showing hand.

Mockup 04 is view at the phone in guy hand behind the left shoulder. Sure you can change the background, turn off the head, body in layers and rotate the hand as you wish.

Mockup 05 the isometric position of the iPhone on the table. You can change the left or right isometric position, color of the phone (as well as in each of the mockup contained) and texture of the table.

Mockup 06 contains three phone positionson the table. You can change the background image (use other background images), and change 6 textures table.

We are prepared 21 photo filters, vignette, ambient light, gradient for final image tuning.

We hope you will enjoy in Phone 7 Plus Mockup!

What you can do:

- Create high resolution images (4000×2560 pixels)
- Move hand and phone around the scene
- Mockup 01 contain man and woman holding and touch phone hand (left and right)
- Change color of iPhone 7 Plus on all mockups (5 colors)
- Choose 16 backgrounds images, 3 texture images or add your own
- Increase or reduce the reflection of light on the display
- Mockup 06 contain 6 tables with diferent textures
- Use prepared photo filters and adjustments
- Full layered and easy to use scene creator for video or layer slider

iPhone 7 Plus Mockup Features

- Size 4000×2560 px, 300dpi
- 6 mockups
- RGB color
- iPhone in five colors
- 16 backgrounds images
- 3 table texture images
- 6 tables
- 21 prepared effect