Overux Bootstrap 4.1 & framework 7 framework based HTML resonsive template with wide range of pre-designed HTML widgets, blocks and styles.

Overux is based on bootstrap framework 4.1 and we provide wide range of customized, unique creative and flexible components tottaly new user experience design with Mobile UX user experience. We also growing component library with widgets and other third party customizations. We also target to create many other demo application for our customer so they can easily get ready html pages code that can be satisfy requirements. We update template with the framework update. Our Goal is to provide creative, very unique and morescalable template with lot of customization and flexibility to use components from Library.


Template is based on bootstrap framework and template css we have created demo applications to get quick started and to have idea about look and feel of components. We have also added colors scheme page where you can change colors shades and many other setting pages colors and OS template available.


Most of the plugins we have used are free, but even we recommend to check license terms according to your business terms and audience.

We thank to Buy From Themeforest




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