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"Awesome advice Evan and I love all your videos I have learnt a lot. I wanted to ask as you had a software company what would be the best way to market a mobile app for people to download it on iOS and android? Keep up the awsome work! "

Help us caption & translate this video!





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  2. Both inspirational and informative!. Thanks for taking the time and energy to share! I agree with you, I'm developing my first app and I feel like it's my first child. I truly intend to boast to my grandchildren about how remarkable my app was and is(assuming we still use apps in the future). It will be great I assure. As you have greatly influenced me, I intend to reach out to you prior to go live. Ace Off, Make Your Own Luck! Coming soon to iOS!

  3. Evan trust me I have a great idea of an application that it will be big soon. I need your help and support and you can get a percentage now before it get real big. contact me if you are interested

  4. I think my app is more than OK for an MVP. I don't want to bombard you with message but my app aims to help small businesses or startups offer discounts in UK. I feel that in UK entrepreneurial ventures are pretty limited, especially if you are not within the industry and learning about new technology. I genuinely believe in the fundamentals of a business. That is building relationships with others, which you are right about btw! Check out my app on @ (Message Me Back) if you think I have something worth looking at.

  5. Evan and Friends, I need your help. I created an App called "Theater Chat" that is a texting platform on both IOS and Droid. The App is low light/reflection and is ideal for use in dark environment (during movies and other theater event); while my App is ideal for low light environments, it is easily used as a regular texting App. You can change the font size/colors, multiple stickers for easy communication, among other features. Thank you.

  6. Hi Evan I came to know about an app (DataMail) #datamail that enable people to get email id in any languages like hindi, russian, chinese, japanese, bengali, gujarati etc. Even I have also registered my new hindi email id .

  7. hey, so I guess sending my app to 10 influencers might not have been enough:) I'll search for 500 influencers who might be interested in my app. unfortunately it's fitness / sport so I don't expect you mention it… Anyway thanks for the video!!!

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  9. Hi EVAN United Games is launching a new NFL-themed game app this Fall that will be the first of many games that tap into our unquenchable desire to have fun. The release is timed to coincide with the beginning of the NFL season.

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  10. Thanks Evan for the video ! But I would be happy if you tell me what you think about my app. Two years ago my friends and I started to develop an application called “World Of Dinosaurs” you can find all informations here :
    But we are dealing with a problem which is Apple featured this app several times, in June 2015 my application moved to the first page of US app store in the Dino-Mania category,it was a great opportunity for us to realize that our app is good enough!.Laters we added more contents,improved UI, add more languages and again just some days ago Canada App Store put our app in the Best Reference App in Reference category and also enhanced for 3D touch,still you can see it on the first page of Canada app store. Now we are totally aware of how cool our app is.!

    But no matter how great your app is, Apple doesn’t care about individual developers! and this is the fact ! If you look at the this picture :

    You can see all apps in this category had been promoted expect us like Sky guide,barefoot atlas and etc… . Have you any comment on this?

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