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This is a significant part you can use for your app, this particular pack has some useful ready mobile patterns such as login, sign up with all notes and alerts user can possibly experience, also I included super useful resume template and pricing tables in both stats – expanded and collapsed.

Also address book, SMS and chat interface, email controls, calendar management, graphs for analytic inspiration… and more

mobile invoicing, audio, video player, settings page…

and custom icon set is included.

All layers are editable, each pattern screen is organized as layered folder. Icons are vector and smart objects.

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Screens Inclided

  • 00_first preview.jpg
  • 00_signup signin.jpg
  • 01_signin.jpg
  • 01_signin emai lsent.jpg
  • 01_signin forgot password.jpg
  • 01_signin login error.jpg
  • 01_signin pw does not match.jpg
  • 01_signin reset pw.jpg
  • 01_signin resetting pw.jpg
  • 02_calendar.jpg
  • 02_calendar event active state.jpg
  • 02_calendar events.jpg
  • 02_edit event.jpg
  • 03_signin.jpg
  • 04_profile.jpg
  • 05_chart1.jpg
  • 06_chart2.jpg
  • 07_addressbook.jpg
  • 08_inbox active.jpg
  • 08_sms inbox.jpg
  • 09_email details.jpg
  • 10_gallery.jpg
  • 11_album details.jpg
  • 12_photo.jpg
  • 13_video.jpg
  • 14_video active.jpg
  • 15_playlist.jpg
  • 16_settings page.jpg
  • 17_invoice.jpg
  • 18_invoice complete.jpg
  • 19_pricing.jpg
  • 20_expanded pricing.jpg
  • 21_sms messaging.jpg
  • 22_resume.jpg


  • 29 icons included