Using iPad apps as communication and learning tools for autistic and nonverbal children. Mobile platform games and education applications and accessories are highlighted.
Lauren Meatty, Regional Consultation Program, Schwartz Center for Children, North Dartmouth, MA
Children's Physical Developmental Clinic


COMMUNICATION APPS - These programs give kids a voice!
 Dragon Dictation
 Tap Speak
 Actions
 Voice Cards
 Vocal Zoo - Realistic pictures
 Sound Touch (lite) - There are animals, instruments and things around the house. Realistic pictures and sounds. There are different pictures for the sounds to help kids generalize the sounds.
 Baby Signs -- shows clear picture of the sign.
 Model Me Going Places -- Social skills app. Can't customize but has premade stories for certain activities.
 Proloquo2go -- You can customize pages, such as an about me page. This is about $200.00.
 Taptotalk - Free but can't customize; it is already programmed in. (Can be an expense- to customize)
 Duck Duck Moose - Sings songs to whoever is playing with it; Old McDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus. (1 finger activation)
 Sonic Pics -- You can make your own social stories with personal pictures. Holds 12 pictures so you could take pictures of a child participating in an activity with someone narrating what the child is doing, then you can email it to parents.
 Speak It - $0.99-1.99 You can type what you want to say. Good for children that can type and are afraid to/can't talk.
 Sono Flex Lite -- "Lite" version is free, full version $100.00. In this program, you can set themed pages like an about me page.
 Yes/No - You can customize so that there are two different options; juice/milk, stop/go. You can put pictures in as well if you are working on looking at pictures. There are 7 different pages to customize.

 Art of Glow
 Draw Free
 Little Sky Writers
 Tesla Toy
 Doodle Buddy - Free draw but can draw letters.
GAME APPS - *There are maze games and sesame street games. An elmo app can help children with learning body parts. There are shape games that tell the child the name of the object if it is incorrect.
 Grover's Special
 Elmo's Monster Maker
 Fish School
 Bubble Tap
 Preschool Adventure
 Farm Flip
 Kids Maze
 Monkey Preschool
 Whimsy
 Park Math
 Paper Toss
 Shapes
 Peekaboo
 Penguin Poke
 Red Fish
 Lunch Box - Concepts like biggest/smallest and colors, puzzles, and changes quickly for kids with short attention spans.
 Shape Builder - Letters and animal puzzles
 Angry Birds - finger isolation, gemometry and physics.
 Cut the rope -- Logic Skills
 Furry Friend - "Leonard" $0.99. You can talk to this app and it will talk back to you. One child said he "didn't like his (Leonard's) voice (because he had a speech impediment himself) so he worked on his speech with this app. You can also blow into the microphone to make a pinwheel spin. **There are more apps that can help children with blowing if that is what you are working on (blowing out the candle)
 Following directions Fundeck -- Similar to "Simon says,"

 Wheels on the Bus
 Baa Baa Black Sheep
 Itsy Bitsy Spider
 Preschool Music
 Old MacDonald
 Magic Piano - Good for kids with limited mobility (1 finger activation)
 Drum Kit -- Good for kids with limited mobility (1 finger activation)
READING APPS - You can record your own voice in some of the books.
 Toy story
 Green Eggs and Ham
 Super Why
 Meegenius
 Animal Fun - Realistic pictures with spelling
 Alphabet Fun
 Writing Lite
 ABC Lite
 Sky Writer - can use your finger or a stylist. Lauren used this with a child with Down Syndrome and the child wouldn't write until they uses this, so Lauren said __minutes on writing and then __minutes on iPad.
 Connect Dots - makes the picture at the end and gives the word that is associated with that picture.

SUGGESTED WEBSITES, have free Friday mornings where certain apps are free!!





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