Learn how to record professional audio on your iPhone and iPad using a range of iOS compatible microphones like the iRig Mic, Rode Smartlav and Apogee Mic with the Rode Rec app for iPhone and iPad as well as the Behringer Q502 USB mixing desk.

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This video will teach you how to transform your iOS device into the ultimate field recorder capable of recording pro audio at 48kHz suitable for your film and audio productions in a variety of lossless formats like AIFF, WAV and FLAC.

We also teach you how to import audio wirelessly to your iPhone and iPad from your external field recorder like the Zoom H4N and sync it with your iMovie project using the Maxell Airstash.

Download the Rode Rec App from the app store here: http://goo.gl/ixjWZT

Microphones featured:
iRig Mic - http://goo.gl/Al6dYb
Rode Smartlav - http://goo.gl/GPXtaz
Apogee Mic - http://goo.gl/Vi6zWe
Behringer Q502 USB Mixer - http://goo.gl/7QpTzP (NOTE: Since iOS7 this desk is now compatible with the iPhone - we have personally tested it with an iPhone 5 running iOS 7)
Maxell Airstash - http://goo.gl/hZmTLh

1. Introduction - 0:06
2. Rode Rec App Tutorial - 2:19
3. iPhone & iPad Audio Inputs Explained - 4:45
4. iRig Mic by IK Multimedia Demo - 5:25
5. Rode Smartlav mic Demo - 7:26
6. Apogee Mic Demo - 9:04
7. Behringer Q502 USB Mixer Demo - 10:34
8. Maxell Airstash for Wireless Syncing - 11:50

This guide is for iPhone and iPad filmmakers, musicians and media producers who want to record professional audio for their productions using an iOS device.

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