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Hey everybody,
Anyextee here, and I’m going to show you how to DL a zip folder or mp3 file to a Apple iphone or ipad
The reason why I’m making this tutorial video is because In addition to other things, I am hip hop artist and I recently made available a rare Hip Hop mixtape that I made back in the 90s available and In digital format for the first time – up until now it was only available on a 120- minute cassette. In fact it was the 1st 120 min mixtape in Hip Hop history and was awarded “Most concept” and “Most creative mixtape of the year” by Kevin Beacham of Rhymesayers.
If you are interested, love Hip Hop lyrics and beats from the 1990s
YOU can get a FREE copy of my rare 90s mixtape here http://www.AnyexteeBlog.com
Anyextee aka DJ Next – A Vibe Called Next
A LOT of people have already downloaded it, and many of them are Apple iphone users….
if you are too, you may already know that we if get a link to a mp3 file or zip folder with multiple mp3s that we are UNABLE to DOWNLOAD it direct to our apple iphones or ipad…
I’de like to introduce you to a simple and free app that you can use to DL a mp3 file or even a zip folder.
If you’ve received a link from me to get the free mixtape I’de like to take a brief moment to thank you personally…I put the mixtape in a zip folder along with some bonus mp3s from my album and here is how you can Download it to your iphone
Steps for How to download a zip folder to your iphone or Apple ipad
Similar process for How to download mp3s to your iphone or Apple ipad
1. Go to the Apple App Store
2. Type EDL in the search browser
3. Select EDL free web browsers and file manager app by Juan Ramon Rivero
4. This app has a lot of great feedback and its FREE, however it has some ads that pop up. Not uncommon for a free app but you can pay a small free to remove the ads if you like
5. Click on GET
6. Click Install
7. If you’re not logged in, you’ll be prompt to sign in using your apple ID
8. It will start to download
9. Once complete – click OPEN
10. You’ll get a message about notifications. I click “Don’t Allow”
11. The you’ll be delivered to Introduction page and may see some adds
12. You can ignore that and click on Download Folder
13. You will get this window here, where you want to click “Down load link”
14. Input your web link.
15. If you are using this tutorial to DL my rare 120 min mixtape. I included two links in the email I sent to you. A link to the A side…and the 2nd link is to the B Side. I had to split them because it’s a 120 min and the file was huge.
16. Plus itll sort of deliver a virtual version that 90s experience of listening to side a and side b as a whole
17. You may see adds. You can X out and ignore them or click up here to pay to remove them if you want. Im sure the developer would appreciate your support if you do.
18. Otherwise just enter the mp3 or zip folder URL link here.
19. You’ll see it downloading like this
20. Once it reaches 100%, click on these 3 bars here
21. If it’s a zip you can choose to Unzip and it’ll
22. Extract your file
23. Now you’ll see the original zip + a the extracted folder in your apps Documents folder
24. If you are DLing my mixtape you’ll see the bonus tracks I included, a free pass to watch my Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools digital series. I have a few episodes of those videos on my Youtube channel here, but more in the membership site at AncientEgyptMysterySchools.com and I offer a free VIP pass to anyone who downloads the mixtape
+ some bonus music from my album in addition to the mixtape.
25. You can create playlists and / or play music in this app and use this as an alternative to itunes or Export these mp3s out of the app
26. Its pretty much the same process for individual mp3 tracks with the exception you don’t have to first extract a zip folder. For mp3s its a lot quicker
I hope you at least found value in this video to help you get mp3s and zip folders downloaded onto your iphone or ipad.

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