Donald Trump is the 45th — and current — President of the United States, or POTUS, as the popular acronym goes. On January 20, when Trump was sworn into office, Trump and his social media team in the White House also gained control of the official @POTUS Twitter account from the Obama administration. And while Trump does most of his meaningful tweeting from his personal account, @POTUS is still considered the official presidential Twitter channel.

But for the last few weeks, if you searched Twitter looking for “POTUS,” you wouldn't find the 45th president at all in the autocompleted results. The same went for “@POTUS.” Trump, it appeared, was scrubbed from @POTUS Twitter automatic search results altogether. The top result? Obama, followed by a number of novelty accounts including one that claims to be run by “rogue” White House staffers:

When BuzzFeed News contacted Twitter about this, the social network said only that the search result “was a bug and has since been resolved.”

Twitter declined to explain the nature of the bug but it appears a fix has been made. Now, when you search “POTUS” or “@POTUS,” Donald Trump appears in the search results.

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