Full Changelog

Version 1.4.8 – December 7, 2017

 Improved: Entypo icon set updated with latest version.   Some icon codes may have changed, please check if you use any.  Improved: Fluxus Lightbox icons were updated. Close icon moved to more natural position.   Lightbox will allow "click anywhere" navigation when viewing video.  Improved: Icon font packer changed from Fontello to Icomoon, which is superior.  Improved: Links in Text Widget now look the same as in other widgets.  Imporved: Uses normalize.css to unify browser CSS.  Improved: Updated Instagram social icon color to match new brand color.  Improved: Adds href attribute support to [service href='your-url'] shortcode.   Service shortcode outputs alt="" attribute for better SEO and accessibility.  Improved: Removes map custom drop icon, instead standard icon by Google Maps will be used.  Improved: Gallery shortcode now links to resized images instead of originals.   This will prevent cases when 5MB images are slowly loaded where 1MB would be more than enough.  Fixed: Compatability issues related to WordPress 4.9.1. Full Page Slider, Customizer and Theme Options works withuot any errors.  Fixed: Child themes no longer cause CSS issues due to load order.  Fixed: sortable is not a function error in latest WordPress.  Fixed: Custom size images inserted in content will now respect width attribute.  Fixed: Removed CSS references to no longer used images.  Fixed: Accordion styling issue when used in contacts page on dark skin.  Fixed: Gallery shortcode layout when 2 columns are selected. 

Version 1.4.7 – March 25, 2017

 Improved: Gallery style, zoom-in effect is more reactive. Jetpack users can disable Fluxus gallery by adding following code to their user.php file:   remove_filter( 'post_gallery', 'fluxus_shortcode_gallery', 2 );   This will enable Jetpack's Gallery and Carousel. Fluxus will still provide styling rules to make sure Jetpack's gallery looks good.  Fixed: Horizontal scrolling user experience on Windows computers. Sticky scrolling had to be removed because of poor performance on Windows. Fluxus now binds mouse wheel to perform horizontal scrolling without sticking to projects / photos. This ensures quality UX on all platforms. Fixed: When PHP notices were on, Appearance > Customize page would display a notice message. Fixed: When opening Lightbox content in the background no longer jitters. 

Version 1.4.6 – January 20, 2017

 Improved: Horizontal pages will become vertical when viewed on iPad in portrait mode (768px width or smaller). Improved: In Full Page Slider and Page With Background you can now select new modes of image cropping: "Fit Horizontally" will prevent sides from being cropped. "Fit Vertically" will prevent top and bottom parts from being cropped. "Fit" will prevent cropping. Improved: Vertically overscrolling horizontal pages on iPad will not overlap footer.  Fixed: Compatibility issue with WP 4.7. It was impacting only servers that display PHP depreciation warnings. Fixed: Footer overlapping issues on iPad when changing orientation. Fixed: Logo will not be displayed if only retina version was uploaded. Fixed: Logo preview in Appearance > Customize would not work if logo was uploaded in Fluxus versions prior 1.4 Fixed: Layout in "Like this project?" section on mobile devices. Fixed: Lazy loading on mobile devices. 

Version 1.4.5 – April 3, 2016

 Fixed: User is now able to scroll horizontally using Trackpad. Fixed: Ad blocking extensions will no longer break Fluxus. Fixed: Accent color setting will take effect in the secondary (top right) menu. Improved: Mouse wheel / Trackpad vertical scrolling is now much smoother. Improved: SEO improvements — site title is now H2 instead of H1. Adds ALT attribute on logo with contents set to site title. Improved: Large images in Flexible Grid Portfolio will not look pixelated. 

Version 1.4.4 – March 14, 2016

 Fixed: Full Page Slider on iPad Fixed: Password protected posts will no longer return 404 when 'Hide Password Protected' posts option is selected in Theme Options. Fixed: Lists all projects when filtered by Project Type. Previously they were limited by 'Blog pages show at most' value in Reading settings. Fixed: Mouse wheel scrolling now works on horizontal portfolio page. Fixed: Mobile menu will not appear if there are no menu items. Improved: Lazy loading project images will set their alt tag to image caption. Improved: Horizontal pages won't over-scroll on Chrome / Safari. Improved: Slows down Full Page Slider animation when initiated by touch swipe. Improved: Slows down Full Page Slider animation when initiated by touch swipe. Improved: Updated slider easing function, which results in a smoother animation when switching images. 

Version 1.4.3 – December 6, 2015

 Fixed: Share widget, which stopped working after Twitter API changes. Twitter counter was removed because it is no longer possible to retrieve tweet count. Whole counter section is now hidden by default. It can be re-enabled in the Theme Options > Social. Fixed: Share widget was overlapping content in Horizontal Grid Portfolio layout when viewed on mobile devices. Fixed: StumbleUpon and LinkedIn share buttons won't appear in the footer if they have been previously shown in the "Share This Project" section. Improved: Content scrolling using mouse wheel or trackpad. Fixed: Magic Mouse super-sensitive scrolling on Horizontal Portfolio / Horizontal Grid Portfolio. Fixed: Highlighting colors would appear when quickly changing images in Lightbox (or double clicking anywhere). 

Version 1.4.2 – November 4, 2015

 Fixed: Various iPad issues due to recent iOS updates: main menu, portfolio. Fixed: Accent color won't have effect on active sub-menu items. To make this fix work go to Appearance > Customize and re-save your accent color. Improved: Contact page has better responsiveness, prevents content from getting cropped. Improved: Uses 2 times larger images in Vertical Blog to prevent pixelation. 

Version 1.4.1 – March 24, 2015

Upgrade note.

The update introduces few changes to image sizes. This requires you to regenerate your images. Update your theme and use ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ plugin to automatically resize your images to newly introduced sizes.

 Improved: Increased image size on Horizontal Blog to prevent pixelation when viewed on mobile devices. Improved: Horizontal Portfolio no longer has 'View Work' button. Instead all image is clickable. There is an option under Appearance > Theme Options to bring back the previous behavior. Improved: Other projects will use smaller images for thumbnails to improve performance. Fixed: When clicked on the image in Lightbox to go to next image it would go to previous image instead. Fixed: Project videos playback in Lightbox. Fixed: JS errors in admin area when trying to configure Page with Background. Fixed: Gallery shortcode will work with images that are smaller than 500x500. 

Version 1.4 – February 22, 2015

 Added: Completely new mobile menu with support for child page navigation and custom background image. Added: Grid Portfolio supports cropping point selection for each individual image. Improved: Retina support in Grid Portfolio, Vertical and Horizontal blog. Improved: HTTPS support by loading external resources over HTTPS by default. Improved: Lightbox will show loading message only if it takes longer than 1 second. Improved:  shortcode will prevent Lightbox from appearing when clicked on an image. Improved: Few JS and PHP code changes to increase performance. Fixed: Footer overlapping issue on Grid Portfolio page when viewed on mobile devices. Fixed: alt attribute missing for featured post images. Fixed: styling issues caused by WP Admin Bar (it is still disabled by default). 

Version 1.3.3 – September 15, 2014

 Fixed: Warning message when using WordPress 4.0. Fixed: Project ordering on Wordpres 4.0 now works. Fixed: Project ordering issues on Project Type pages when using WordPress 3+. Fixed: Footer would overlap images on grid portfolio in specific cases. 

Version 1.3.2 – May 19, 2014

 Fixed: "Not Found" issue when sharing page via Facebook share. Fixed: Favicon now can be added via Appearance > Customize. Fixed: Accent colour now takes effect in Other Project section. Improved: Lightbox changes cursor into right and left arrows depending on the action that would happen if a user click on the image. 

Version 1.3.1 – May 5, 2014

 Fixed: Permalinks issue that resulted in "Not Found" errors when accessing projects. Fixed: Display issue when a grid has only few items. 

Version 1.3 – May 5, 2014

 Notable change: css/user.css file moved to user.css so that the file can be edited via Appearance > Editor. Added: Vertical grid layout with support for different image sizes and fixed aspect ratios. Added: Multiple language support using WPML plugin. Added: Accent color can be changed via Appearance > Customize. Added: Facebook Share button to social sharing button list. Improved: Every graphic asset is available in high resolution and look sharp on high-definition (Retina) devices. Improved: Images in Lightbox can be navigated by clicking anywhere on the right or left sides (to to to next and previous accordingly. Fixed: iPad mini scrolling issue. Fixed: Comment styling issues when using JetPack plugin. Fixes: Lightbox scaling issue. Fixed: Project order issues when filtered by project type. Fixed: Contact form issues, when placed inside a scrollable container. Fixed: Videos in blog posts no longer lose aspect ratio when resizing. Fixed: Website title is no longer repeated twice when using SEO optimization plugins. Fixed: Vertical blog page no longer crops images that exceed 328px in height. 

List of older updates since initial release.

 Fixed: iPad with iOS 7 no longer auto scrolls to the top on pages with vertical scroll bar. Fixed: Project media items in admin section now works with older (3.5+) WordPress versions. Fixed: Pinterest social icon. Improved: Mouse wheel navigation on project pages. Improved: Social icons so they share same style and size. Improved: Various dark skin style improvements. Added: Ability to toggle comments for pages and posts using Screen Options > Discussion > Allow comments option. Added: YouTube, Behance and 500px social icons. Added: Project type description is displayed in the sidebar. Added: Category description is displayed on category archive page. Fixed: iOS7 Safari bug that used to allow vertical scrolling on horizontal pages. Fixed: Strict standards error in wp_nav_menu. Fixed: IE9 issues with portfolio page. Fixed: Page not found error on password protected projects when "Hide password protected projects" option is active. Fixed: Facebook Like button no longer should get cut off. Fixed: Pinterest is now able to find images on Grid Portfolio. Fixed: "Like This Project?" section not working on screens with small height. Improved: Thumbnail quality on vertical blog page. Improved: Scroll bars on contacts page and page with background scrollable by dragging. Improved: Allow new line in project's custom info content. Added: Click to navigate option for project images. Clicking on project image will scroll to the next one. Added: Ability to disable lightbox on project pages. Added: Option to hide featured image on single post page. Added: Skype icon can be included in the footer via Theme Options. Fixed: Project media order issues. Order is now saved after clicking "Update". Fixed: iPad crashing when viewing large galleries. Fixed: iPad sizing issues when changing orientation, featured images on horizontal portfolio are now clickable. Fixed: Few other tiny fixes (shortcodes, sidebar visual issues, performance improvements) Changed: Image upscale option now takes an effect for videos as well. If disabled, then project videos will not exceed their dimensions provided in the embed code. Changed: Project Types are no longer hard coded in the sidebar. They are available as a widget and can be easily added or omitted. Added: Basic support for IE8. Added: Theme option to show Full Page Slider navigation on all times rather than on hover. Fixed: iPad sidebar text is no longer cut off. Fixed: Pinterest is now able to find images to pin on Full Page Slider. Fixed: Google Plus overlapping text "Recommend this on Google" removed. Fixed: Link color in image captions on dark skin. Fixed: Issues uploading image files on WordPress Admin, when image sizes cannot be determinated. Improved: Full Page Slider fades in on page load. Added: Image upscale setting in Theme Options. Fixed: Error due to missing user.php file. Fixed: Project ordering now works on Project Type pages as well. Fixed: Unnecessary padding removed from sidebar making it a bit wider. Fixed: Active item highlighting issues. Fixed: Issue uploading .ico files to be used as favicon. Fixed: Text alignment issue on pages with featured images. Fixed: Open project external link in a new tab. Added: Project images will use attachment title as an alt text. If description is present, then it will be used instead. Fixed: Navigation using arrows. Fixed: Mouse wheel in project sidebar does no longer scroll main window. Fixed: Videos in projects will upscale until to a maximum width which fits in browser window. Fixed: Dark skin scrollbar and alignment issues. Fixed: Vertical blog displaying issues on Safari (iOS version was affected as well). Added: Vertical layout for blog posts. Added: Different slider animations. Added: Ability to use grid or horizontal portfolio layout to display different project types. Added: Lazy loading for project images. Added: Other projects section now can show projects that belong to a specific project type. Added: Theme options that allows to disable "Other Projects" and "Like this project?" sections. Updated: Other projects design. Improved: Pinterest sharing now allows to pin multiple images from a page. Improved: Performance improvements. Fixed: Images no longer upscale when screen size is bigger than the image. Fixed: Header overlapping issues caused when some servers were not able to determinate logo image size. Fixed: Facebook and G+ sharing thumbnails. Fixed: Grid portfolio navigation with arrows makes sure no image is cut by the end of the screen. Fixed: Lightbox resizing issues. Changed: Lightbox no longer slides in from the top, but rather fades in and looks cooler. Changed: Date format in blog is shown according to the one specified in WordPress settings. Use "M j" setting for the best look. Added: Possibility not to show featured image inside project page. Fixed: iPad issue displaying portfolio in portrait mode. Fixed: Issue that prevented from sorting / deleting project media on specific server configurations. Fixed: Issue of images disappearing on Horizontal portfolio. Fixed: Arrow navigation now puts images and videos in the center of the screen. Added: Site description option (note that if you use any kind of SEO plugin, you should disable Fluxus meta tags in Theme Options). Added: Grid Portfolio can be used for displaying projects filtered by Project Type. Added: Instagram Social Icon. Fixed: Contact From style when using dark skin. Fixed: Mobile issues with Video in Projects. Fixed: Pinterest on project pages will pin project featured image. Fixed: Full Page Slider arrow now goes to the right direction. Fixed: Google Plus Sharing. Added: Video support in portfolio. Added: Multiple portfolios using hierarchical Project Types. Added: New project media admin interface. Added: Project image descriptions. Fixed: Slide without title and description showing white stripe. Added: Automatic slideshow. Added: Full Page Slider fit image scaling option. Fixed: Dark theme improvements. Fixed: Full Page Slider improvements. Fixed: Images in portfolio become disorted when screen is bigger than the image itself. Fixed: Image attachment navigation buttons. Fixed: Blog date does not fit in one line in some cases. Fixed: Images in widgets does not automatically scale. Fixed: Share functionality now gets disabled if there are now sharing networks chosen. Fixed: HTML tags allowed in Copyright info. Fixed: Logo issue on Safari and Chrome. Added: Container scrollbars in Page with Background and Contacts page. Added: Google Plus social network. Added: Typography improvements in Project page. Fixed: Big logos no longer overlap content area. Fixed: Project info section mouse wheel fix. Fixed: Send Message button works even if Google Maps API key was not added. Fixed: Contact form pop up now fits perfectly on iPhone. Fixed: Switching skins in Theme Options now works. Fixed: Quote Post Format issue. Fixed: Issue with Lightbox, when Share buttons get overlaid on top. Fixed: Resizing issue with Lightbox. 

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