Benjamin Hansz – Regional Manager, EMEA, Fiksu presents at App Promotion Summit London 2014 on the topic of ‘Facebook App Advertising: How To Go From Good To Great When Marketing Your App Or Game On Facebook’ including:

– Results From A Study Of 8 Million Downloads Comparing The Performance Of Facebook For Marketing Games To Other Media
– Best Practices For Improving App Marketing Performance On Facebook
– Case Studies Showing How Three Different Games Achieved Their Volume, Rank And ROI Goals On Facebook

“Good afternoon. My name is Benjamin Hansz from Fiksu. I am here today to talk about how to go from good to great on social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter. I know it’s been a long afternoon and lunch is right around the corner, so most of you are probably thinking oh this guy. But, I’ll hopefully make it interesting. Any questions, please shout.

First off, to position Fiksu. Fiksu is an optimization platform for mobile user acquisition. We’ve been around for about four and a half years. We first started as an app and then realized we could pivot to go for the bigger business opportunity which is helping other app developers grow at scale. We have over 800 clients. We’ve managed about 2500 different apps. On any given day we’re running about 200 app campaigns on about 50 different networks. We’re pretty close to having generated our 3 billionth download. About two years ago we were 50 employees, and now we’re about 250.

I mention this just to put into context where we’re getting all this information from. We have a lot of data and a lot of experience over the last four years. I’ll give you specifics as the examples come up, but this is where we’re coming from.

Setting the big picture here, the mobile landscape can be broken up into five different types of categories. In the middle is the biggest [Inaudible 0:01:36] of the traditional non incent banner display networks. This is where you buy inventory on a CPC, CPM basis.

Then, you have the other side of the incent networks or what’s called the reward networks. This is where users are given some sort of incentive to download or do some sort of action on the app. That gets a bad name, but actually incent is usually just thought of as driving lots of volume in a short period of time to increase rank and visibility in the App Store. There’s a lot you can do with incent which is, I guess, part of another talk.

Two things that we’re really bullish on lately, I want to say the last eight months, is both video and RTB. Video is a great execution for your ad message. It’s proven to be extremely effective for driving quality users. RTB, on the flip side, is the dictionary definition of programmatic buying. Fiksu is a technology company, a technology platform. Out of those 250 people over a third of those are engineers and R and D folks, so we really get a kick out of RTB.”

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