Cleaning your iPhone or iPad is easy with these simple tricks. We'll also show you how to make it run more efficiently and improve your overall battery life. Before you start be sure to look at how much free space you have before you begin and let us know in the comments section how much free space you get back!

Links to Products/Websites Mentioned:
MacGo iPhone Cleaner (Mac Version)
MacGo iPhone Cleaner (Windows Version):

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01:55 Cleaning iMessages Data (Clean)
03:17 End Multi-Tasking Apps (Efficiency)
04:11 Importance of Shutting Down (Clean & Efficiency)
05:02 Background Apps Refresh (Efficiency)
05:58 Reduce Motion (Efficiency)
06:50 Battery Usage to Detect Inefficient Apps
07:28 Alter Facebook's Video Settings (Efficiency)
08:58 iPhone Low Signal Consequences (Efficiency)
10:38 Manage Storage/Remove App Extra Data (Clean)
12:30 Flushing Out Old Calendar Data (Clean)
14:20 iTunes Syncing Alternative Options for Music (Clean)
14:59 Photos Syncing Using Smart Albums (Clean)
16:31 "Other Data" additional items (Clean)
18:05 Corrupted Data/Restore (Clean)
19:27 MacGo iPhone Cleaner Software (Clean)





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