11 Democratic Senators Are Backing A Bill To Bring Back Internet Privacy Rules

Scott Eisen / Getty Images Just days after President Trump dealt a final blow to Obama-era internet privacy rules, Senate Democrats are trying to bring them back to life.Sen....

Uber Says It Didn't Steal Waymo's Self-Driving Tech

A pilot model of the Uber self-driving car is displayed at the Uber Advanced Technologies Center on September 13, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Afp / AFP / Getty Images Uber...

‘Electronic skin’ to monitor your health

Researchers in Japan have developed "electronic skin" with an organic circuit that can be worn on the human body. It is 10 times thinner than a skin cell and...

Why graphene could be the solution to drinkable water

The BBC's Pallab Ghosh has been finding out about a filter made from graphene that can turn salt water into drinking water. Source link

Avalow gardening app aims to be the Uber of flower beds

A Silicon Valley start-up develops an app that provides on-demand help to gardeners. Source link

How solar power is changing lives in the Santa Marta favela in Rio

Solar energy start-up Insolar installs solar panels on key buildings in the Santa Marta favela. Source link

Fake news: Should we know how to spot it?

Facebook's director of policy for Europe says it's up to people to educate themselves Source link

Hackers Had Access To Tax Data For Up To 100,000 FAFSA Users

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images Hackers gained access to the tax records of up to 100,000 people who used a government-created financial aid tool, the Internal Revenue Service commissioner...

Bright future for augmented reality says Bafta winner

Video game designer Brenda Romero tips augmented reality as a dominant force in future gaming. Source link

Uncharted 4's Nolan North: 'Leave them wanting more'

Actor Nolan North says four instalments of Uncharted was the right length for the series to run. Source link

Norway to build 'world's first ship tunnel'

The country is taking radical steps to try and make a hazardous stretch of coastline safer. Source link

Overcooked: 'Co-op games make us angrier'

The creators of Overcooked say co-operative games stress people out more than competitive ones. Source link

Sennheiser's HE-1 – £54,000 headphones – put to the test

BBC Click's Spencer Kelly tests headphones which have been 10 years in the making. Source link

Driverless shuttle bus tested by public in London

The vehicle travels up to 10mph and is controlled by a computer. Source link

Here's How The White House Is Legitimizing The Pro-Trump Media

The pro-Trump "Upside-Down" media is working hard to go mainstream, and it's doing so with help of a powerful ally: the White House.On a Monday jammed with political news,...

Parents Will Get Refunds For Amazon Purchases Their Kids Made

AP/Eric Risberg In a major victory for parents, Amazon agreed to refund as much as $70 million to users whose children made unauthorized in-app game purchases between November 2011...

A Top Operations Executive Is Leaving Instacart

Patrick T. Fallon / Getty Images A little over a year after he was hired to oversee Instcart's contractor workforce and customer service team, Senior Vice President of Operations...

Internet Music Has Been Graced By A New Meme: SoundCloud Vs. Bandcamp

Giphy If you listen to music in the internet, you've probably heard of SoundCloud and Bandcamp, two sites that let you stream music. They're different from music streaming services...

Never Mind The Russians, Meet The Bot King Who Helps Trump Win Twitter

BuzzFeed News; Getty Images At 7:23 on Sunday evening, the conservative internet personality Mike Cernovich tweeted that former national security adviser Susan Rice had requested the “unmasking” of Americans...

LAX Is Raking In Millions From Uber And Lyft

LAX Ringo Chiu / AFP / Getty Images Ride-hail companies have quickly become a new windfall for LAX, which made nearly $22.8 million last year...
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