These Hugely Popular Android Apps Have Been Committing Ad Fraud Behind Users’ Backs

“Why isn't Google immediately dropping such apps from the Play store and advising users to uninstall them?” one analyst asked. View Entire Post › Source link

Please Do Not Do What This Famous Soccer Player Is Doing To This Bird

This is how you get salmonella, folks. View Entire Post › Source link

Employees Have Filed A Class-Action Labor Lawsuit Against Blue Apron

Blue Apron said the suit could cost the company over $5 million. View Entire Post › Source link

Here's Why Retailers Hope You'll Shop Online And In Stores This Weekend

It's expensive for retailers to get online orders to your home, so Target and Walmart have a plan to get you to come to their stores. View Entire Post › Source link...

Why Facebook Will Never Fix Facebook

The last two years have shown that what the platform needs is something closer to an overhaul — stripping out some of the guts of a system that ruthlessly prioritizes...

The Unsatisfying Truth About Hateful Online Rhetoric And Violence

Two angry men submerged themselves in the far-right internet. One committed murder. The other walked away. Why? View Entire Post › Source link

Gap Is Closing Hundreds Of Stores

The company said cutting off languishing stores could add over $100 million in earnings. View Entire Post › Source link

15 Things On The Internet I'm Thankful For In A Year Of Absolute Garbage

To the internet: Thank you for your amazing power and work in our lives. View Entire Post › Source link

Instacart Delivery Workers Are Boycotting For The Third Thanksgiving In A Row

Instacart delivery drivers and other gig workers continue to struggle as white-collar tech workers receive national attention for taking a stand against their employers this year. View Entire Post › Source link...

Laura Loomer Was Banned From Twitter After Spreading Anti-Muslim Falsehoods About Ilhan Omar

Loomer was known for spreading falsehoods on the platform. View Entire Post › Source link

What If Actually…Is A Horrible Website?

How does a powerful, innovative behemoth megacorporation repeatedly fail at its most basic task: running a website? View Entire Post › Source link

Instagram Influencers Are Using The California Wildfires To Sell Products And Post Nudes

Influencers are promoting clothing brands, sales, and themselves using terms related to the fires. View Entire Post › Source link

Here's How A Secret Meeting Of Twitter Execs And Indian Activists Caused A Caste...

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and policy boss Vijaya Gadde seemed completely unprepared to deal with caste issues, according to sources. View Entire Post › Source link

Amazon Inadvertently Leaked Customer Information. Here’s How To Secure Your Account.

Amazon said only names and emails were exposed — but you should protect your account anyway. Here's the definitive guide. View Entire Post › Source link

Here’s A Guide To Spotting Fake Amazon Reviews

Be extra vigilant during the shopping holiday. Sellers will manipulate ratings to catch your eye and trick you into buying a product that doesn’t actually have good reviews. View Entire Post...

WhatsApp Has Finally Hired A Head For India, The Company's Largest Market

The instant messaging app has been under fire in India for its role in spreading misinformation that killed at least 29 people this year. View Entire Post › Source link

BuzzFeed Is Ending Forced Arbitration Policy For Sexual Harassment Claims Following Inquiries

Like Google and Facebook, BuzzFeed is addressing sexual harassment claims, but it has said nothing about discrimination, wage and hour disputes, or other claims. View Entire Post › Source link

How To Set A Reminder To Take A Break From Facebook

Set a reminder to take a break from Facebook or Instagram, and see how many minutes you're spending on the apps. View Entire Post › Source link

A Google Lawyer Said Its Sexual Misconduct Policy Change “Does Not Apply Retroactively To...

“It was a shock to see Google renege on the announcement that the company went through a lot of effort to publicize,” a lawyer for an ex-Google employee told BuzzFeed...

Facebook Is Testing Auto-Responses For Live Video And Some Of The Suggestions Are Offending...

"So I’m just noticing that Facebook has a thoughts and prayers autoresponder on our Chicago Hospital shooting livestream and I have thoughts." View Entire Post › Source link
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