Twitter Is About To Be Questioned About Political Bias By India’s Nationalist Government. The...

Twitter says that it doesn’t let users’ political ideologies influence its policies, three days before being questioned by a Parliamentary Committee in India. View Entire Post › Source link

I Was A Facebook Fact-Checker. It Was Like Playing A Doomed Game Of Whack-A-Mole.

Trying to stem the tsunami of fake news was like battling the Hydra — every time we cut off a virtual head, two more would grow in its place. View Entire...

There’s A Sex House For Sale And Yikes

50 Shades of Maple Glen, PA. View Entire Post › Source link

Google Is Pulling Websites From Searches At Russia's Request

The search giant's decision is the latest example of US tech giants working to stay on foreign countries' good sides. View Entire Post › Source link

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Claims The National Enquirer Tried To Blackmail Him Over Dick Pics

"Rather than capitulate to extortion and blackmail, I’ve decided to publish exactly what they sent me, despite the personal cost and embarrassment they threaten." View Entire Post › Source link

Germany Has Told Facebook To Change The Way It Gathers Data

A government watchdog ruled the social network has abused its market dominance. Facebook will appeal the decision. View Entire Post › Source link

Amazon Recorded Video Of A Seller's Face For Identification Purposes

“We will record a 5-second video of your face. ... To proceed, enable access to your webcam.” View Entire Post › Source link

This Altered Photo Of Women Lawmakers In KKK Hoods Is Spreading And Twitter Is...

Twitter's own policy states that it doesn't allow “symbols historically associated with hate groups.” View Entire Post › Source link

There's A New Emoji That People Think May Change Sexting Forever

"Tinder DMs about to get amazing." View Entire Post › Source link

Delivery Startups Are Using Tips To Fulfill Pay Promises, And Customers Are Mad

Instacart customers are quitting the service because the company is using customers' predelivery tips to fulfill the base pay minimum it guarantees delivery workers. View Entire Post › Source link

"Down The Rabbit Hole I Go": How A Young Woman Followed Two Hackers' Lies...

Tomi Masters was a 23-year-old from Indiana who moved to California with dreams of making it big in the cannabis business. Then she met a hacker who introduced her to...

This New Account Protection Feature From Google Is Designed To Stop Hacks From Spreading

"All your eggs are in the basket of your mail provider." View Entire Post › Source link

How Slack’s New Logo Became a Lightning Rod For Everything Bad On The Internet

Designers in 2019 face all kinds of challenges. One of them: figuring out how trolls are going to turn their logos into swastikas or human genitalia. View Entire Post › Source link...

Apple Just Shut Down Google's Internal iOS Apps

Apple has revoked Google's developer certificate, which disables internal apps used by the company's employees. View Entire Post › Source link

Apple Says It Will Fix The FaceTime Bug That Allows You To Access Someone's...

The security issue is fixed on its servers, Apple said, but the company is delaying the software update until next week. View Entire Post › Source link

This Woman Found Revenge Porn On Google Drive — And Now She's Fighting Back

One young woman’s attempt to be so much more than a cautionary tale. View Entire Post › Source link

Facebook Is Killing A Controversial App That Paid People For All Their Sensitive User...

The Facebook Research app paid people as young as 13 $20 per month in order to access data, including web searches and emails. View Entire Post › Source link

Meet The Iranian Influencers Whose Livelihoods Will Be Stripped Away By A Ban On...

One of the last remaining major social networks in Iran has become a haven of free expression and opportunity for women. That’s put it in the sights of the regime. View...

A FaceTime Bug Allows You To Access Someone's iPhone Camera And Microphone Before They...

BuzzFeed News confirmed that the FaceTime bug exposes the call recipient's front-facing iPhone camera before it is answered if a volume button is pressed. View Entire Post › Source link

It's Not Fake Video We Should Be Worried About — It's Real Video

From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the Syrian civil war, we've learned that a real video can be just as misleading as a fake one. View Entire Post › Source...
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