The Internet Is Getting Small And Boring. Long Live Tumblr.

Tumblr has been a safe harbor of delightful, weird, and deeply human stuff, free of the algorithms that have made social media dull and conformist. View Entire Post › Source link

The Apple Watch's ECG Feature Is Finally Here. It's Cool. Maybe Scary Too.

If I had told you 10 years ago that your watch could perform an ECG good enough to win clearance from the FDA would you have believed me? View Entire Post...

Here’s How Facebook’s Local News Algorithm Change Led To The Worst Riots Paris Has...

The Yellow Jackets movement is what happens when you point Facebook's traffic hose at France's small towns. The question now is: How do you turn it off? View Entire Post › Source...

These Confidential Charts Show Why Facebook Bought WhatsApp

The company was obsessively tracking WhatsApp and saw not just a rising competitor but a potential Facebook killer. View Entire Post › Source link

Facebook’s Internal Tensions Are Reaching A Boiling Point

“It’s the bunker mentality. These people have been under siege for 600 days now. They’re getting tired, getting cranky — the only survival strategy is to quit or fully buy...

Trump Called Himself A “Tariff Man,” And Then The Market Plunged. Here’s Why.

Trump is overstating progress on trade negotiations with China, and investors are noticing. View Entire Post › Source link

The US Secret Service Plans To Test Facial Recognition In And Around The White...

The government document, published last week, stated that the Secret Service will scan video feeds and images of individuals passing by on public streets and parks near the White House. View...

Google Removed Two Popular Cheetah Mobile And Kika Tech Apps After An Investigation Sparked...

The removal comes after a BuzzFeed News report about the apps’ activity. It's a huge blow to two of China’s biggest app developers. View Entire Post › Source link

Tumblr’s Porn Ban Is The Middle Of The End Of The Old Internet

The internet culture of the 2000s has been dying off for years, and the march to the digital grave is speeding up. View Entire Post › Source link

Trump Says He's Negotiating To Get China To Stop Hacking. Obama Already Did That.

China hasn't even acknowledged that the topic came up when Trump and President Xi met in Buenos Aires. View Entire Post › Source link

The George Soros Scandal Is Entirely Of Facebook’s Own Making

Facebook’s recent opposition research scandal against billionaire George Soros is revealing, but not for the reasons you might think. View Entire Post › Source link

Teens Say Social Media Isn’t As Bad For Them As You Might Think

A majority of today's teens — the first to grow up with such complete smartphone and social media penetration — say it helps them with friendships and actually makes them...

Data Shows Tucker Carlson Is The Daily Stormer’s Favorite Pundit

And it isn’t remotely close. View Entire Post › Source link Had A Truly Horrible Holiday Weekend As Shoppers Went To Other Sites

Walmart's saw a 39% decrease in online sales revenue on Cyber Monday compared to last year, despite promoting steep discounts. View Entire Post › Source link

This Document Is Some Of The Research Facebook Commissioned On George Soros

Definers’ research for Facebook on billionaire George Soros has never been published before. You can read one of those documents here. View Entire Post › Source link

Alexa Is Hooking Up With Apple Music

Apple Music comes to Echo next month. “This is beyond dope!!!!” View Entire Post › Source link

Instagram Just Killed “Finstas” By Adding A Close-Friends-Only Feature

In case you want to post stuff that isn’t for ~everyone~. View Entire Post › Source link

Instagram Just Killed “Finstas” By Adding A Close Friends Only Feature

In case you want to post stuff that isn’t for ~everyone~. View Entire Post › Source link

Here’s How To Protect Your Phone From Garbage Apps

Be smart about the apps you download, and learn the danger signs that an app is up to no good. View Entire Post › Source link

Sheryl Sandberg Emailed Staff To Conduct Research On Billionaire George Soros

While Facebook maintains that Sandberg was not directly involved in a public relations firm's opposition research on Soros, it now acknowledges that she did in fact request research on the...
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