As Concerns Over Facial Recognition Grow, Members Of Congress Are Considering Their Next Move

“This is a perfect issue for our committee to look into,” California Rep. Jimmy Gomez told BuzzFeed News. View Entire Post › Source link

Samsung Unveiled Three New Galaxy S10 Phones — And One Is Great News For...

The new flagship phones have an invisible, under-screen fingerprint sensor, and can charge other phones. View Entire Post › Source link

Trolls Are Reuploading YouTube Kids Shows With A Clip That Encourages Self-Harm

Parents are finding and flagging popular kids content with a clip edited in of another YouTuber joking about telling children how to cut themselves. View Entire Post › Source link

Roger Stone Posted A Photo Of The Judge Presiding Over His Case Next To...

Stone deleted the post and published a statement saying, "any inference that this was meant to somehow threaten the Judge or disrespect court is categorically false." View Entire Post › Source link...

If You Just Lost A Bunch Of Followers On Instagram, Don’t Panic, It’s Actually...

Instagram said they are working to resolve the bug as quickly as possible. View Entire Post › Source link

Amazon Filed A Patent Application For Tech That Could Link You To Your Identity...

The Rekognition technology could one day scan your face, identify who you are, use visual cues to figure out the kind of work you do, and potentially track you as...

Bumble’s CEO Told BuzzFeed News Her Apps Have Become Their “Own Form Of Government”

Now with 50 million users, Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble apps are surfing a Serena Williams Super Bowl ad into a new wave of hype. View Entire Post › Source link

We Asked New Yorkers For Their Messages To Jeff Bezos After Amazon Scrapped Its...

"Dear Jeff, I'm glad I was spared the dick pics. Please find another community to extort." View Entire Post › Source link

Here's How One Of Facebook's Biggest Anti-Vax Communities Built Its Massive Network

There currently do not seem to be any policies or regulations against promoting anti-vaccination content via Facebook ads. View Entire Post › Source link

Primaries Are Where Politics Happens Today, And That's Why The Amazon Deal Died

The old cliché is all politics is local. Today, our most meaningful politics happens during the primaries — and that's what doomed Amazon in New York. View Entire Post › Source link...

Twitter Just Removed A Tweet From An Account Linked To Iran’s Supreme Leader

Twitter has previously used a newsworthiness standard to defend its refusal to apply abuse and harassment rules to President Donald Trump’s account. View Entire Post › Source link

Twitter Suspended A DC Think Tank For Violating Its Rules Against Fake Accounts

BuzzFeed News previously revealed the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology was using fake accounts to promote its work. Now it's under scrutiny again. View Entire Post › Source link

Instacart Workers’ Revolt Over Tips Reveals A Big Problem For The Gig Economy

Companies like Instacart, DoorDash, and Uber rely on workers to report problems with the app, creating an opening for both regulators and the public to criticize them. View Entire Post › Source...

The White House Announced A National Emergency Using The Notes App

“Trump is gonna declare World War 3 in a comment on HQ Trivia.” View Entire Post › Source link

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App Announces Data Breach On Valentine's Day

If you're still alone on Valentine's Day, don't worry: at least a hacker has your name and email. View Entire Post › Source link

Apple Has A Repair Problem In The World's Second Largest Smartphone Market

There are no Apple stores yet in India, and iPhone users have been stranded with third-party service providers, who they say do not live up to the premium brand’s promise...

Kids YouTube Star Blippi “Regrets” The Viral Video In Which He Poops All Over...

Before he was Blippi, a Mister Rogers for the YouTube age, he was Steezy Grossman, and he pooped on his friend. View Entire Post › Source link

NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover Just Died After An Unexpectedly Long Life

The Opportunity rover landed on the Red Planet with its twin, Spirit, in 2004. View Entire Post › Source link

Amazon Bought A Router Company You've Never Heard Of. Here Is Why It's A...

Experts are concerned about what Amazon’s acquisition of Eero means for consumer privacy. View Entire Post › Source link

Apple Plans News Event For March 25

The company is expected to show off a long-rumored news subscription service. View Entire Post › Source link
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The iPhone XR Is Good, Which Means Choosing An iPhone Right...

The XR is an iPhone under $1,000, with the features of an iPhone over $1,000. View Entire Post › Source link

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