The Company That Owns Tinder Just Bought One Of Tinder’s Biggest Rivals

Hinge, which positions itself as a less-sleazy version of Tinder, now belongs to the company that owns Tinder. View Entire Post › Source link

Twitter Locked Accounts Of Media Outlets And Reporters For Tweeting Stephen Miller's Number

Merely linking to a story published by a mainstream media outlet is enough to get your Twitter account locked. View Entire Post › Source link

Is "Fortnite" Addictive? Here's What A Psychiatrist Thinks

The World Health Organization just added "gaming disorder" to the list of diagnosable mental health conditions. We asked a psychiatrist what that means for Fortnite fans. View Entire Post › Source link...

Tech Companies Push Back On Trump's Family Separations

“It’s heartbreaking to see the images and hear the sounds of the kids,” Tim Cook said. View Entire Post › Source link

Twitter, Medium, And GitHub Have All Blocked Users From Posting ICE Employee LinkedIn Data

Medium and GitHub say posting the LinkedIn data of a targeted group of employees constitutes doxing. The artist who made the database disagrees. View Entire Post › Source link

Google Has A New Podcast App. It Also Hopes To Diversify Podcasting.

As far as Google is concerned, growth in podcasting "can’t only come from America.” View Entire Post › Source link

Amazon Should Get Out Of The Facial Recognition Business, ACLU Petition Says

“This is about people — human beings — that are impacted by this tech that will supercharge surveillance and undermine civil rights." View Entire Post › Source link

Citing Employee "Sabotage," Elon Musk Launches Investigation At Tesla

"We need to figure out if he was acting alone or with others at Tesla and if he was working with any outside organizations," the Tesla CEO wrote in an...

Microsoft Removed, And Then Replaced, A Reference To Working With ICE On Its Website

"An employee briefly deleted the blog after seeing commentary in social media. This was a mistake and as soon as it was noticed the blog was reverted to previous language." View...

Tesla Is Laying Off 9% Of Its Employees

These cuts, largely to salaried workers, follow mass dismissals in fall 2017. View Entire Post › Source link

Inside The Facebook Media Resistance

You can't bust a trust if the trust busts you first. View Entire Post › Source link

Instagram Stopped Notifying People When You Screenshot A Story

Thank GOD, it was agony not knowing if someone was going to find out you've been lurking them. View Entire Post › Source link

Oprah's Going To Make Shows For Apple As Part Of A New Deal

She's running (with an Apple Watch). View Entire Post › Source link

The Government Is Kicking Off The Debate On Lab-Grown Meat

The US's food regulators will evaluate new "cultured" meat products, which have quickly attracted both attention and investment. View Entire Post › Source link

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Could Face Jail Time With New Wire Fraud Charges

Holmes also reportedly stepped down as CEO Friday. View Entire Post › Source link

YouTube Is Spreading Conspiracy Theories about Anthony Bourdain’s Death

Even more examples of YouTube's algorithm-powered conspiracy video rabbit hole. View Entire Post › Source link

Some Etsy Sellers Say Their Shops Won’t Survive The Company’s New Fee Hikes

“Rarely do you walk into your boss’ office and they say, ‘We’re cutting your pay by 1.5%. Tough cookies. And it’s happening in 30 days.’” View Entire Post › Source link

Apple Maps Has Been Down For Hours And People Are Lost

Pro tip: Download Google Maps. View Entire Post › Source link

Microsoft Wants To Take On Amazon In Checkout-Free Retail Stores

And Walmart is Windows shopping... View Entire Post › Source link
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