Google Employees Are Organizing To Protest The Company’s Secret, Censored Search Engine For China

Following a series of crises at Google, disparate worker organizing efforts within the company are coalescing, part of a growing workers’ movement in the tech industry. View Entire Post › Source link...

Thousands Of Stores Will Soon Use Facial Recognition, And They Won't Need Your Consent

Facial recognition cameras are scanning faces at hundreds of retail stores to catch shoplifters before they steal. But everyday shoppers are often unaware that their faces are being scanned. View Entire...

Security Flaws Allowed Full Access To Spectrum Customers’ Accounts Without A Password

Only a customer’s IP address was required to gain complete access to their account. Spectrum fixed the flaws after a BuzzFeed News inquiry. View Entire Post › Source link

Here’s What The DEA Said About Allegations Tesla Hid An Investigation Into Meth Trafficking...

The Drug Enforcement Administration says it doesn’t inform the subjects of investigations that they’re being investigated. View Entire Post › Source link

Here’s What Happened At Today’s Google All-Hands Meeting

Google executives abruptly changed the topic at an all-hands meeting when it became apparent some employees were sharing information with the press. View Entire Post › Source link

A 21-Year-Old Is The World's Youngest Recipient Of A Full Face Transplant

Three years after Katie Stubblefield’s face was severely disfigured, she got a second chance — and a new face. View Entire Post › Source link

Twitter Has Temporarily Restricted Alex Jones' Infowars Account

The move comes less than a day after the company took the same action against Infowars proprietor Alex Jones. View Entire Post › Source link

The FDA Announced A Recall Of Two Different Thyroid Medications

Because thyroid pills are used to treat serious conditions, the federal agency recommends that you continue to take the medication until you can get a replacement. View Entire Post › Source link...

Meet The People Who Spend Their Free Time Trying To Fix Facebook

"We know we have more work to do," Facebook said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. View Entire Post › Source link

YouTube Is Fighting Back Against Climate Misinformation

The company is trying to combat scientific misinformation on its platform. Wikipedia has been helping the streaming platform describe topics like global warming, the MMR vaccine, and UFOs. View Entire Post...

Elon Musk Explained His Shocking Plan To Take Tesla Private

Musk said he left a meeting "with no question that a deal with the Saudi sovereign fund could be closed." He would still need to present any plan to investors...

Tinder Founders Are Suing Parent Company IAC For Billions

Former and current executives at Tinder have filed a lawsuit claiming the parent company swindled them out of valuable stock options and covered up sexual harassment. View Entire Post › Source link...

This Startup Wants To Sell Verified Breaking News Alerts To Companies

Factal says it combines technology with journalists to deliver real-time alerts about incidents that pose a risk to company facilities and employees. View Entire Post › Source link

Stop Saving Your Instagram Stories. The App Already Does It For You.

No, they don’t *actually* disappear. View Entire Post › Source link

Here’s How To Actually Prevent Google From Tracking Your Location

Google is tracking your location, even when a setting called “Location History” is turned off. View Entire Post › Source link

Cow Poop Might Have Caused The Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak

It's one hypothesis food safety officials are considering. View Entire Post › Source link

Some Doctors Think Snapchat Filters And Facetune Could Be Inspiring Plastic Surgery Requests

Selfies and face filters have changed the way we see ourselves — but some physicians argue that this could be a problem. View Entire Post › Source link

Facebook Blocks Sharing Of 3D-Printed Gun Files On Its Platforms

The move comes as states sue the Trump administration to prevent the digital blueprints from being posted online. View Entire Post › Source link

The New Galaxy Note 9 Has An Even Bigger Screen — And Battery

Samsung swears the batteries are safe now. View Entire Post › Source link

We Live Half Our Lives Online — So Why Don't More Movies Show It?

John Cho's new movie Searching might be the first one you see that takes place entirely on a computer screen. But it probably won't be the last. View Entire Post › Source...
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