Reliance Jio has reportedly stopped further production of JioPhones and is in talks to bring out an Android phone, according to a report by FactorDaily .
The report quoted a company insider saying, “There are not enough apps compatible with KaiOS but people are working on developing special versions for the JioPhone.”
As per the report, Jio is in talks with Google to bring the royalty down for Android. JioPhone which runs on KaiOS will be manufactured up to 10 million units at least, post that it is unclear whether it would be discontinued once the Android-based phone releases.
Reliance Industries or Jio didn’t immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.
According to a company source cited by the report, the first consignment of JioPhones will be shipped out soon and will first reach the smaller towns and villages. However, Reliance Retail was expected to complete deliveries of 6 million JioPhones by the end of October.
The report added that Jio’s shift towards Android came after Airtel and Vodafone came out with their own low-cost Android-based smartphones in partnership with handset makers, which offered better features than Jio’s Rs 1500 phone.
Vodafone and Micromax collaborated to jointly offer 4G smartphones in India at an effective price of less than Rs 1000, which is similar to the amount at which most featurephones are sold. Bharti Airtel launched a 4G smartphone at an effective price of under Rs 1500 in partnership with handset maker Karbonn.





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