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The iPhone 6s was released in September 2015. Compared to the iPhone 6 it has double the RAM, new A9 processor, improved GPU, better cameras, stronger display glass, and a stronger aluminum exterior. The iPhone 6s looks nearly identical to the iPhone 6. However, the iPhone 6s is slightly thicker and heavier due to the new 7000-series alloy back which is stronger but also slicker. Due to how slick it is I recommend keeping a case on it. My favorite is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. Good news is that since the design is practically the same, most iPhone 6 cases will fit the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6s has the same 4.7" 1334x750 IPS display as the iPhone 6, but it does have a stronger glass for added protection. The iPhone 6s lacks a full HD 1080p display, but at 326ppi this screen is extremely satisfying to look at. It has a 1400:1 contrast ratio and if I plan to watch an HD video, I will choose to watch it on my iPhone 6s. It is a stunning Retina display.

3D Touch is a fun concept but I hardly ever use it. Sometimes it comes in handy like when I'm logging food in MyFitnessPal but I mostly use it for switching open apps and moving the cursor while typing. There are still many apps that don't support it and until they do, 3D Touch is something I'll easily forget about.

The iPhone 6s is a fast phone, almost too fast for its own good. Touch ID is instantaneous. It seriously took a while for me to get used to how fast it is. I had to teach myself to use the power button to see my notifications. The A9 processor is also a big reason for the fast performance on the iPhone 6s. It blows the previous A8 chip out of the water. A9 paired with iOS 9 is one of the best hardware/software combos that you'll experience on a phone. Apps load fast, multi tasking is fluid, graphics are handled very well. If you want a new iPhone that will last you longer than 2 years, go with the iPhone 6s over the iPhone 6 because the speed is future proof.

Social media apps rely heavily relying on photos and videos so camera quality is important. Even though the sensor is smaller than other flagships, Apple's 12MP iSight camera is a major highlight of the iPhone 6s. It makes up for its smaller sensor by excelling in color reproduction and by how fast the camera snaps the photos. The front facing camera also got updated and is now at 5MP so it is much better than the iPhone 6 front facing camera.

As for the new Live Photos feature, I've only used it once. It's cool in theory but I just never use it, mainly because I forget I even have it but also because the amount of storage a Live Photo uses is just not worth it to me. The iPhone 6s can take some amazing HD videos. It can record full 1080p HD in 120fps for smooth slow motion. But probably the biggest feature is the ability to record in 4K which really brings out the details in a video. For a smartphone camera, it doesn't get much better.

There's one flaw with that though. Apple gave us the ability to record 4K videos which take up a lot of space, but they insulted us with a 16GB model for $649. It's 2016. There's no reason the entry level iPhone should be less than 32GB especially at that price. This is a huge issue and I hope Apple changes the entry level iPhone 7 to at least 32GB.

My only big complaint is the battery life. Last year I was hoping for a bigger battery, but Apple didn't do it. I usually start my day with my iPhone at 100% charge, and I always have to charge it around halfway through the day so that it will last me until I get home at night. The good news is that the battery does charge pretty quickly. My only request for the iPhone 7 is a battery that will last me a full day without charging. Please, Apple, make my dreams come true.

Overall, the iPhone 6s is the best phone I've ever owned up until now. My favorite things about it are the camera, fast performance, and user experience. My least favorite things are the short battery life and the high price of the 16GB model. I'm looking forward to my next 6 months with it until of course the iPhone 7 is released!

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