App Icon Formation

This set includes 7 forms of app icons sized 512×512 pixels. In addition, in some ways made several variations for different textures. For example, for the texture of the tree (linear) and for the texture of the metal (radial). Also, some icons consists of several textures, you can make them uniform and with different textures.

Therefore, in the set as a result there are not 7 icons, 13 icons. 8 unique texture and 8 styles visualization logo. Logos are the volume, glow, reflections on the brink. You can combine different styles of logos with different icons and get ready for many more options for the icons.

Also in the set included 2 actions on the generation of eight icons sizes. The first action will automatically create all the dimensions, the second – you can choose your desired size from the eight presented.

All items are made in vector form. You can easily resize them.


  • 1 PSD (7 form, 8 style logo, 8 texture)
  • 1 ATN (2 action to create a square icons and icons with rounded corners)
  • 1 Help file


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