Thanks to some reader input, we’ve been made aware that a missing feature we discussed not long ago that is now coming soon to a Chromebook near you.

That feature? Android Parallel Tasks.

So, let’s take a minute and break down what this is, why it is needed, and what it does when working as expected.





  1. Chrome tabs can already multitask that's why a speaker symbol & mute were added ,, presumably if your subscriber of office 365 you already have the ability to multitask word excel etc in chrome tabs? Why would you want the android overhead? Progressive web apps are on the way, maybe android will be short lived on Chromebook's?

  2. You mentioned at the start of your video that this is not normal android behaviour,, you might find situations where unpredictable results occur is that really something you want?

  3. What people missed on chrome os is, when you pin a site like Netflix to your shelf from a browser. It will launch your pinned in a app version. Which is pretty much the same as an Android app version of whatever you pin. So you don't need the play store really. Only if you want specifics.

  4. great video, turned on the option for my chromebook. Also, turned on nightmode because an update removed it. anyway, thanks for the passion you show chrome OS. you're the only legitimate channel with this info.

  5. That's a great tip. The only downside is, it doesn't work like you would expect in tablet mode, yet, as splitscreen is not working for apps.
    And sadly that's where I would need it most. So hoping Google will enable that soon as well…

  6. Props to this channel for, bringing awareness to the chrome ecosystem, and letting people know you have choices other than Apple and Microsoft, while the only chrome device I own know is a chromecast I still tune in to see that one killer device that has me coming back

  7. Do you happen to know when the last few remaining Acer models are going to get access to the Google Play Store? They've been in the "planned update" phase for a good while now and Acer promised them before the end of the year and still nothing. I've tried the Beta and Canary channels and followed all tutorials but it never shows up. The model is Acer CB3-131. Great video and have a great start to 2018.

  8. one you are able to maximize app windows, it's a wrap (I think you can't do that yet…) They still would need to have the apps optimized for a large screen but that comes with time.

  9. Thanks for the video. You all do a good job of explaining chrome. I would like to see more videos regarding android apps on chromebooks. Besides your page, I’ve found it hard to find up to date info about android apps on chromebooks update and news. Most videos on this subject on YouTube are about the initial announcement by google. Again thanks for staying up on this subject.

  10. This is great. Once Google and app developers can run multiple instances of the same app at once (think two Word docs at once in Android apps) would be a huge productivity boon.

  11. To me chrome is missing a few more things for me to consider it. It needs desktop multitasking that's suitable for chrome os with Android apps in mind. Notifications need be more suitable for desktop as well. Lastly Android apps need to be able to resize to each users needs.


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