In the midst of outrage over the illegal killing of an African lion,… three major U.S. airline companies announced that they would ban all shipments of animal trophies… across the world.
America Airlines was the latest company… following Delta and United, joining a list of airlines promoting the same cause.
The measure will forbid the transportation of so-called ″big five″ trophies: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalos.
Other international airline companies have bans already in place… including British Airways, Emirates,… Qatar, Singapore and Brussels.
Though most animals are usually sent by ship, the bans will make it harder for hunters to get their so-called trophies… into their homes.
This move was sparked by controversy over the killing of a famous 13-year-old lion named Cecil,… killed in Zimbabwe last week by a Minneapolis dentist.
Zimbabwe is calling for his extradition over the illegal hunting.





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