7 iPhone Apps for back to school that will CHANGE your life! You must download these awesome productivity apps to change the way you live and succeed at school!

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7 IPHONE APPS FOR SCHOOL PART ONE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrKpqsuQOSs


1. COACH - I read about this app in my 5-minute journal as a way to keep yourself accountable for things. I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older, that accountability is so important not only for getting school work done and having the discipline to study, not procrastinate etc, but it’s also important to develop skills for keeping yourself accountable in other aspects of your life too. This app allows you to track goals and habits and encourages you by reminding you of tasks, showing you your progress, and celebrating milestones. They also have actual coaches that can be assigned to you to help you keep track of your goals!

Tap + to add a goal. Once you set a goal you can set reminders, ask the community questions, and partner with a coach.

2. EASYBIB - scan barcodes for easy bibliography generator and citation machine. One of the toughest parts about writing essays and papers for me used to be making a bibliography. We’d get points off for doing it incorrectly. Now there are ALL sorts of apps and websites available to help. Easybib is something I used in high school but it used to be that you had to manually enter the book’s info and it would format it for you. Now you can simply scan the barcode and the app will do everything for you!

3. PEAK BRAIN CHALLENGE - the big circle is your workout progress, so completing games fills this up, you first do an assessment so they can see what level you’re at. You play tons of different games that stimulate your brain and help you with problem solving skills, learning to focus more, increasing vocabulary and knowledge, etc and the games are actually fun!

4. STICK - another accountability app. I actually like this one a little better just because I like how easy it is to navigate and it’s not making your business as public (even though with the other one you can change the settings and not have it be viewed by the community). On this app, you create commitments - they give you a list of common ones but you can also make your own so for school maybe your goal is “read a chapter per night” or “study for an hour every single day outside of your homework” Then you choose the duration of your commitment, how long it lasts, etc.

5. ISTUDIEZ (LITE) - this app helps with course management  It might be time to map out your semester to organize your course, assignment and exam schedule, and iStudiez app can help. The free Lite version allows you to manage one semester of up to five courses, 15 classes/exams per course, 15 assignments, five instructors and two holiday periods, and you can set alarms. If you like the free version, $2.99 gets you the iStudiez Pro version (separate install; not an in-app purchase), which takes away the limits, adds push notifications, backup and other features.

**For a student time management app alternative for Android, try Timetable

6. MATHWAY - in my last video, I talked about “photomath” which is very similar to this app so I recommend either. Essentially you can punch in or take a photo of just about any math problem and it’ll give you the answer. It’s different than photo math because the help it offers ranges from basic basic math, to more advanced problems in all different levels of math. The only problem with it is that in order to get the step by step instructions you have to pay for a higher plan

7. Ready4SAT - stay on track and get ready for the SAT using this app! Tutors cost hundreds of dollars (and are worth it if you can swing it) but this is a quick and fun way to prepare for the SAT right from your iphone!

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