Here’s the top 5 apps I use every day to keep my life organized and running smoothly.

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Here’s a list of the five apps I mention in this video:

📗 Evernote:
🎙 Castbox:
📕 Libby:
🤖 Brain Focus:
💪 Jefit:

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When I’m not helping my clients scale their businesses, I’m spending time with my husband and two little boys, exploring new places, and nerding out over my Youtube analytics.

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  1. Hello Gillian, no need to mention that you are an expert; I find your video very helpful and have a question if you could help. I scoured the Internet for music or video clips for a video I'm trying to produce and I find it very confusing to understand the copyright and how I can use them when buying an audio or video file. Where do I go to buy music or intro and effects for commercial use? is Videohive a good choice? and it is enough to go by the description when it says,"use in one end product that you can charge for"? Thanks.

  2. I might need to try evernote, i input all my to be paid bills into yahoo calendar, however when on my phone I cannot see the calendar which is a pain. Yes i get a email on the date the bill is due but really need to see all the month on my phone. I did all the work on my laptop so it is in there for a year but not being able to access it from phone is inconvenient. Unless you have a better suggestion for daily to dos all broken daily but can see the month at once from phone.

  3. I just recently got into mindset of entrepreneur and over all taking control over my own power. I really enjoy and get inspired by your videos. Thanks for bringing real value and taking time to make quality videos.

  4. Hi, Gillan, I have some questions and hope you will answer them, if you can.
    Why do you use Evernote instead of Google Drive or Documents? I think having all in one place is better for organization.
    Secondly, does Libby also work abroad? I am in Italy and would need some app like this where I am.


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