Freelance Service Management is a freelance and job outsourcing company operating in the Country of Belize.


We aim to create an array of services at a cost beneficial to our customers in the various areas and industries available in Belize. Our objective is for Consumers and Businesses alike to hire part-time with confidence and request the use of services registered with us. It also includes an avenue for freelance providers and part-time employees to register their skills with us for employment by our customers.

Consumers and Businesses can find individuals to complete services in the fields of Computers, Web Design, Marketing, Production, Hospitality, Talent, Entertainment, Personal Services such as Babysitting, House cleaning, Gardening or Professional services such as Architecture, Engineering, Accounting and the list goes on!

Freelance Service Management can even coordinate major projects and campaigns with use of the services we have available.

We are continuously looking at new ideas and developing programs that can better assist our customers at paying less and our freelance providers earning more.

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